Laps-IT – Doing the mortgage Cycle

Laps-IT – Doing the mortgage Cycle

You will want to ensure you choose the best software platform to promote and manage the smooth running and expansion of your business whether you are an established on-line lender or planning a new launch to this rapidly expanding sector. Made with the aid of senior online lending professionals inside a real time financing environment, we think LAPS not just to be the ideal online financing platform available but in addition the value that is best for the money. The mortgage Application Processing System is really a platform that is modular you to definitely process and manage the application and loan guide when you look at the most affordable method feasible. It undoubtedly supplies an application that is full payment workflow providing you a comprehensive end to get rid of solution under one roof.

Why Laps

Unlike nearly all current providers LAPS happens to be designed especially for the united kingdom and Australian online financing industry. It’s not a international hybrid and it isn’t merely a generic CRM package adapted to process loans.

Conceived in 2008, the machine has proceeded to evolve through customer comments and offers leading edge technology. Without having a legacy to constrain us, improvements are continuous making sure our clients wthhold the most useful in course solution. It is possible to consequently be sure of the most extremely as much as date and technology that is flexible functionality.

We think our rates framework to function as the best on the market destination and whether you’re a unique entrant, a little established business or certainly a more substantial business entity, we think you will end up happily surprised because of the expense framework.

A demonstration is essential, we find that most prospective customers who view the demo see a significant amount of functionality they had not previously thought of to fully appreciate the power of LAPS. Additionally, by seeing the program doing his thing you will observe on your own that it’s completely practical and never under development « vapourware ». Whenever margins matter, automation counts!

Are just some of the ongoing businesses that Laps-IT integrated and work closely with.

« the most effective choice we’ve built in business up to now is Laps-IT »

« XXXXXXX » Limited had reached its functional limitations along with its past operating-system (XXXXX XXXXX) together with to consider to change to a different pc pc pc software os. The Directors are active industry trade relationship board users and asked for feed right back at different trade conferences. Laps-it ended up being the business most members that are trade speaking absolutely about. We had been pleased aided by the data transfer and execution process and Laps-It has furnished us by having a exemplary solution that is tailored to your requirements of our organization. Laps-it have joyfully caunited statesed us and also have succeeded in developing a bespoke automatic business design that is particular and strongly related the specific requirements of y our company.

Their IT development and back-up team has kept us reassured that individuals can give attention to our company realizing that Laps-it is wanting following the time to day running system. Their onsite individually tailored training and coaching ended up being discovered become exceptionally useful so we currently have a state that is reliable of art operating-system and completely up scalable enterprize model. The decision that is best we now have built in business to date is Laps-It.

Payday Company Co-owner (South East England)

« the device was online 99.99% of times »

In September 2010 we had been searching for a method for our pay day loan company « XXX X XXXXXXXXXX » in the united kingdom. We looked over a few systems and considered in house development selected LAPS-IT. The device ended up being implemented in 2011 and has been running since then january. Two times training helped us comprehend every one of the more intricate areas of the device but LAPS-IT has also an intuitive gui making it easy to use. Launching a brand new csr (customer care agent) to your system is very simple and they have been quickly ready to go. The few help problems we’ve experienced have already been managed quickly and also the system was online 99.99% of that time.

Brand new improvements and customisations have already been delivered and requested inside the promised timescales. The development that is continuous as an example DAS, guarantees the systems continues to be during the leading edge of technology. We’ve been very content with the device and service ahead up to an association that is long. LAPS-IT has worked perfectly it matters, the bottom line for us where.

Term Loan and Payday Lender Managing Director (North East England)

« An IT provider that understands its core business »

« XXXXXXXX » launched lending in Australia last year and adopted LAPS from the outset. As opposed to go with a legacy lending system we discovered had been generally speaking written for term loans / instalment loans, we desired something which was written designed for payday advances, (although we have been presently applying a term loan update from Laps-IT). We’ve got over 20 users addressing applications, underwriting and collections – processing significantly more than 15,000 applications 30 days. Among the key challenges within the Australian market sector is branding by way of a platform operation that is multi. Each state that is australian various credit guidelines and thus we require to produce on circumstances by state foundation – brand name, client agreement and customer care impact. LAPS permits us to run brand that is concurrent through an individual platform – so customers from « XXXXX » , »XXXXXXXXXXX », « XXXXX XXXX ») and « XX XXXX » (brand new Zealand) are all served centrally. We launched in brand new Zealand last year, another brand name, another credit contract but by having a various repayments platform and collections processor. LAPS incorporated with all the relevant 3rd events and in a 90 day period we went from concept to introduce. Our company keeps growing – we have been about to provide in Asia in 2012 – another group of challenges that I have always been confident that our Loan Management Systems provider LAPS will satisfy alongside our jobs group. It’s refreshing to see an IT supplier that understands what its core company is and embraces help of integration along with other pc software vendors. In conclusion, picking LAPS had been a business that is great for « XXXXXXXXX ».

Payday and Term Lender CEO Perth Australia