How do you feel about cross country relationships?

How do you feel about cross country relationships?

Alex: How do you experience cross country relationships?

Maria: Not Too good. I experienced two relationships at this point and each of them finished after me personally going someplace. First-time I became in Denmark but like we lived for a college an additional town even though I happened to be there for four months like i believe 8 weeks when I went house to him and split up and then came ultimately back into the college and just did not actually care. After which the 2nd time we went traveling and I also missed him a great deal and I also came ultimately back and discovered that there clearly was nothing kept. We’d lost every thing if it’s not really special while I was away so I don’t, after one month, after two months, I think it just doesn’t work for me.

Alex: Yeah, i assume you are similar to me personally. I must begin to see the individual.

Maria: Precisely.

Alex: very nearly, you realize, daily.

Maria: precisely and you may have conversations online as well as on the telephone however, if there is no, I’m not sure, it does not need to be much, exactly like be close, see one another into the eye .

Alex: It is a difference, yeah. I did so a thirty days whenever i went house to australia away.

Maria: come early july?

Alex: Yeah, this summer that is recent like Skype is not really sufficient. Have you figured out the reason? You can view the individual, it is possible to speak to them, you understand you are able to kiss the digital digital digital camera if you prefer but it is perhaps maybe perhaps not.

Maria: If You Prefer.

Alex: you realize it is not equivalent but that is not saying I do not think, some social people can perform it.

Maria: we figure whether or not it’s an extremely, like in the event that relationship is extremely, it is extremely passionate or perhaps you’ve been going on for a very long time because each of my relationships were under 12 months i do believe. 1st one had been a year plus the one that is second half of a 12 months. Therefore whenever we’re familiar with remaining together I quickly think it is possible to work it away. I am simply too impatient.

Alex: Yeah, i suppose under a 12 months you have not actually discovered to rely on each other on a regular basis.

Maria: Precisely.

Alex: Or.

Maria: Nevertheless going because of the passion and then the passion just slowly fades if you can’t see the person every day or like whenever you want.

Alex: Yeah, consented.

Maria: But it’s your relationship that is first right?

Alex: Yes it really is and I did one when I went home away from the person and it was just month.

Maria: And therefore ended up being the very first time you ever went out of the individual?

Alex: Yeah and it also had been just aah terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible.

Maria: i recall the time that is first like traveled while my boyfriend ended up being nevertheless in the home also it had been per week and I also had been devastated so it is, whether it’s passionate it is.

Alex: Well i did so Christmas time away I went to Christmas, I did India for Christmas last year from them when.

Maria: okay.

Alex: as well as 2 months ended up being bad sufficient after which a thirty days and I also was simply pulling my locks down , did you know? Therefore.

Maria: Yeah, it really is difficult.

Alex: It, yeah, it is.

Promise Ring??

well essentially i recently desire to ask if this valentine that is coming day I should provide my gf of six months a promise ring..we love each other therefore we’ve currently discussed marriage later on. Do you guys too think its very very very early for me personally to provide a vow band to her??

Would like to understand your input about this.


I am nevertheless in discomfort due to the « promise band » my ex provided me with.

What is the relative line that defines a vow band from a wedding ring? ang gastos naman makipag-relationship. :glee:

well, to resolve my very own concern, my gurL and I also got a vow band each, together with explanation for this ended up being because I will be stepping into a lengthy distance relationship (LDR). too soon to propose and give consideration to an engagement, the band served as a vow to each of us that individuals’ll hold on to your relationship regardless of the distance barrier. it is often 5 months since we experienced the LDR thing and now we’re still waiting on hold to it.

a vow band, consequently (in my situation), is one thing « more formal » to own one thing (materially) to put up on to your relationship. but I can not see its relevance if you are physically together, after all, why the requirement to own it when you can finally see one another each day, eh?

well fundamentally i recently desire to ask if this valentine that is coming day I should offer my gf of six months a promise ring..we love one another so we’ve currently discussed wedding as time goes on. do you realy guys think its too very early for me personally to offer a vow band to her??

Only want to understand your input with this.

eto tanong ko sayo:

gano mo na katagal kakilala yang taong yan? perhaps you have seen her on the « bad locks times »?

tropa ba kayo? is every thing going smooth on the relationship? can you fight lang naman that is pero petty?

my kid provided me with a promise from christmas year that is last. And he was given by me one before he left when it comes to states.

A promise ring unless you are ready to commit in my opinion you dont give someone. such as agree to the point of their alredy comprehended that you will be engaged and getting married.

Ionno things to inform you cept this.

My sis happens to be together with her guy for more than 3 yrs now. Wedding is definately as time goes on both for of those. He never ever gaved her a vow band. Their reasons are.

« the ring that is first ever desire to offer her, will be a marriage band. because a vow band may be directed at anyone. but a marriage band is just fond of usually the one one who you need to invest your whole real time with, to develop old with. A person who had been here to you through the nice plus the bad »

This seems fashion that is old but it is well worth hearing. Why don’t you simply get her something else for V-day? You realize. flowers and chocolates constantly do just fine

well fundamentally i recently wish to ask if this coming valentine’s day I should provide my gf of six months a promise ring..we love one another and then we’ve already mentioned wedding in the foreseeable future. would you guys think its too very early for me personally to provide a vow band to her??