Please relate to the compatibility list below to see if our software works together with your camera.

Please relate to the compatibility list below to see if our software works together with your camera.

Are typical functions available on all digital digital cameras?

No, only a few functions can be found on all models. Please relate to the compatibility list below to see which function works closely with your digital digital camera

Just how do I link my Canon EOS DSLR to my mobile device?

1. Turn on your digital camera and choose the menu key. 2. Click on Settings and select Wi-Fi. 3. Press “Enable”. Then do so at this point and skip the next 2 steps if the camera asks you to register a nickname. 4. Return to your menu 5. choose Wi-Fi Function and set a nickname when it comes to digital camera that you choose 6. Go back to the menu and choose the Wi-Fi function 7. pick “Connect to Smartphone” icon 8. pick “Camera access point mode” 9. Select “Easy connection” 10. on your own unit, get into Settings, choose Wi-Fi, then pick the community name shown on the camera. 11. On the device that is smart into Settings, select Wi-Fi, then pick the system name shown on your own digital camera. 12. as soon as you visit your device has attached to the camera’s network, start the Camera Connect application. 13. You’ll see a verification message in the camera to ensure it is linked to your unit. Press okay in the event that digital digital camera asks you to definitely validate the device that is connecting and save yourself the configuration in SET1. You’re now willing to utilize the software. 14. When this technique happens to be finished as soon as, you will not want to duplicate the verification in more detail again. The the next occasion you find the Wi-Fi function, you need to use exactly the same setup settings which you kept in the first set-up process, and connect with the digital camera from your own smart unit after actions 11 and 12.

How can I link my Canon EOS mirrorless, Canon PowerShot or IXUS to my smart phone?

1. Turn on your camera. 2. On your digital camera, press the button with all the phone that is mobile on it. If for example the digital camera won’t have this switch, then press the Wi-Fi symbol in playback. 3. After developing a nickname, find the cell phone image that seems from the display. The digital camera will create a Wi-Fi system for the unit to get in touch to. 4. in your unit, get into Settings, select Wi-Fi, then select the community name shown on your own digital camera. 5. as soon as you visit your unit has attached to the camera’s network, start the Camera Connect software. 6. You’ll experience a verification message from the camera to verify it is linked to your unit. 7. You’re now prepared to utilize the software. 8. Once this process is done when, you shall not require to duplicate it once again. The the next occasion you click the mobile key it is possible to leap directly to move 4. Alternatively, pressing the WiFi symbol in playback will need one to a connection history menu. From right here, find the community name shown in your digital camera.

How can I get pictures from my digital digital camera onto my phone or tablet?

1. Link your unit to your digital camera making sure that there is the Camera Connect app open. 2. within the application, faucet from the ‘Images on camera’ function and all sorts of the pictures currently conserved in the digital camera shall can be found in the application. 3. In the bottom regarding the application screen, tap the down load icon and choose the images that you would like to save lots of from your own camera on to your device. 4. to save lots of specific images, simply tap on the image you need. If you see the image that is single to complete display, touch the down load icon beneath the image. 5. to save lots of images that are multiple click the arrow symbol at the end associated with screen and choose the images you need to save yourself.

Just what does GPS via Cellphone let me do?

Utilizing GPS information from your own smartphone, GPS via Cellphone tags your photo with exact information; for instance the some time location that the picture was taken. Therefore whether you archive your photos or upload them to Flickr, you’ll continually be able to get the photos you took for the reason that exact spot. GPS via Cellphone can be obtained with PowerShot an IXUS digital cameras.

Just how do I include GPS information to my pictures?

GPS via mobile phone works with with PowerShot or IXUS digital cameras.

1. Make sure the right time in your digital camera and unit is proper. This may allow your GPS data to sync. 2. Open up the Camera Connect application and location Information that is select. 3. Select Begin logging. 4. start photos that are taking your unit. 5. as soon as you have taken your picture, link your camera to your unit. 6. The Camera Connect software will immediately identify if you want to sync any information that is available that you have started logging and will ask. 7. In the main menu on your own device, choose Location Information. 8. Select Send location information and press okay. 9. to look at the GPS information, find the picture in your camera and then click DISP. This may show the positioning coordinates by which the picture ended up being taken. 10. to show GPS information down, choose Location Information through the app’s main menu on your own unit and click End Logging.

Just how do the camera is changed by me settings in the Camera Connect software?

To be able to replace the digital camera settings, your compact digital camera should be in another of the manual modes – M, Av, or television.

1. Link your digital camera into the Camera Connect software. 2. Click on Remote Shooting. 3. Here, you shall notice a switch from the bottom right associated with the unit; touch it and will also be supplied with various settings such as for example Shutter rate, Aperture, ISO, Continuous shooting and Self-timer. 4. find the setting you wish to alter and scroll right or left to modify it.

I’ve been able to connect with the software, but when on it, my Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. Exactly Just What must I do?

1. Go into the Wi-Fi settings in your click and device in the community that the unit is switching up to. 2. Select forget this community. 3. select the system title shown on your own digital digital camera.

How to have the application onto my tablet or phone

The Camera Connect application is present to download at no cost from your own unit. Just go to the App Store or Google play and search for ‘Canon Camera Connect’.

We utilized to utilize the CameraWindow software, but my camera cannot connect with the brand new Camera Connect application though it is set up?

Your connection that is previous to smart unit aided by the old CameraWindow application is kept in your digital camera as an element of its connection history list. This is not utilized once again while the connection is just suitable for the old software on your smart unit.