Let me make it clear about setting up your personal small, remote off-grid solar system

Let me make it clear about setting up your personal small, remote off-grid solar system

By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM

A normal residential-size system that is solar calls for correctly sized and installed AC and DC electric wiring to cut back the possibility of electric fire, an effective grounding system to stop shock and lightning harm, proper battery pack installation and venting to avoid fuel explosions, and an adequately installed solar array to maximise performance while avoiding roof harm.

In the vast majority of my previous articles I have described various sorts of solar powered energy systems, but would not get into information about how to install them yourself, since many systems should really be sized and wired by licensed solar experts. Nevertheless, the Backwoods Home web site will continue to get many questions that are e-mail to smaller do-it-yourself solar tasks for remote week-end or holiday cabins in areas maybe maybe maybe not offered by energy lines. Should this be your position, and you’re ready to adhere to the basic principles, i shall explain to you just how to install an easy to use battery-based off-grid solar system simply to power a couple of lights, and perhaps a DC well pump or freezer.

Otherwise—don’t try out this in the home.

I’m sticking with all 12-volt DC equipment that has a shock that is limited and permits making use of lots of the electric elements you’ll find locally. Nevertheless, term of caution. Simply because every thing could be the exact exact exact same low voltage wiring as found in your vehicle or watercraft, this nevertheless doesn’t mean there are not any security issues.

Prepackaged solar illumination kit including solar modules, charge controller, fuses, DC illumination, and sealed battery pack