83-year-old ‘Tinder Granny’ ready for love after decades of one-night stands

83-year-old ‘Tinder Granny’ ready for love after decades of one-night stands

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November 27, 2019 | 3:14pm

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“Tinder Granny” has vowed to abandon the hookup software in order to find her one love that is true.

After years of canoodling with kid toys on Tinder, 83-year-old Hattie Wiener of Hell’s Kitchen is preparing to subside having a partner for a lifetime. However, she’s maybe maybe maybe not completely losing her cougar methods — her potential paramour nevertheless needs become at the least twenty years her junior.

“I really would like one man,” says the grandmother of three. Apparently, she’d constantly designed to make use of Tinder being a soul-mate finder, nonetheless it just generated a few one-night stands, relating to Barcroft. In a video clip for your website, she admits that “Tinder provides a reliable blast of men,” however it’s about time on her behalf to settle down.

“i did son’t need to get a person on a dating website, then again we kept hearing people get guys and lifemates and wedding lovers and everything — so it might get severe — thus I figured, ‘Let me give it a try.’ ”

Especially, the randy gran desires a partner who’s “turned on by me, and I’m switched on by him,” Wiener informs Barcroft television.

Because of this, “I would personally wish a person, i’d guess that’s 60,” the former motion specialist and dancer states.

Wiener’s brand new vow marks a massive break from her amorous history. After divorcing inside her 50s, the brand new Yorker developed quite the hankering for young skill. The self-proclaimed cougar invested “35 years” in the marketplace, dating progressively youthful men as she got older — earning her the moniker “Retroage.”